Why Cloud WIN HRM and Payroll Application?

Win HRM Payroll is a pioneer in the business of providing HRM Solutions and Payroll Solutions across the globe. Today we are one of the leading HRM and Payroll Solutions Provider in India and abroad. With over 17 years of successful journey in this space, today Win HRM boasts of serving High-End Technology and Business Solutions to its customers with On-site, Off-site and Off-shore development models. Using cutting-edge technologies and re-usable frameworks Win HRM Payroll has designed, developed and deployed many enterprise-class solutions in the areas of HRM and Payroll.

Our Approach:
Our approach is to assimilate knowledge, develop world-class products that would assist clients in effectively implementing their HRM processes to achieve goals. Our functional and technical team believes in providing complete hand-holding through the entire process of payroll software application implementation and also during payroll data migration and while setting up processes. Our Payroll software will accept all global terms like your organization details and create master databases of your employees. It will keep information like designations, departments, holidays, pay dates, leaves, taxation, credits, deductions and more.
Our Presence:
We have nationwide presence and we have left our footprints in 20 states across India. Today we are one of the leading HRM Solutions Provider in India and Payroll Solutions Provider in India. We have our Head Office in Hyderabad and regional offices in Chennai, Mumbai, and Bhubaneswar. We have left our overseas mark in US, UK, Sri Lanka and Timorlieste.
Our Motto:

Our motto is to be a leader in this space of providing HRM Solutions and Payroll Solutions in India and abroad. With the help of Cloud and new age technologies, we want to take Online HR Management Software systems to a different altitude. We intend to build and offer HRM and Payroll based solutions for today's niche market and dynamic digital environment that will change the landscape of HRM and Payroll Software Solutions in India.

Cloud HRM and Payroll Management Application

Cloud HRM and Payroll Management Application

 HR Dashboard:

Efficiently and optimally use your workforce. Our Cloud HRM Software provides easy-to-use features for paperless hiring, payroll, timesheets, performance appraisals, HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) and many more. Our Cloud HRM Software facilitates the management of complete range of HR functions and responsibilities. The Cloud-Based HR Software is powered by core database and extensive features like employee resource management which makes administration efficient, easier and accurate. With our Cloud-based HR Software, a manager can take salary and employee metrics out of spreadsheets into an interactive scorecard. The Cloud HRM Software is coupled with great visuals and graphs that can be easily accessed. The Cloud-based HR Software efficiently manages the cycle of hire-to-retire through smartly designed dashboards.

Employee Tracking and Management

Productivity tracking is the key to every business. Maximize your ROI on your human capital management by tracking productivity for each employee with designated KPI’s and goals. Streamline and automate the leave workflow of each employee through our Cloud HRMS Application. Ensure fair and punctual payroll generation each time. With our state of the art and Best Core HR Software, we provide a visually engaging way to aggregate and present employee data with all the information in a meaningful way. From PowerPoint to basic database reports and from Excel spreadsheets to real-time you can streamline your data like never before. With Best Core HR Software, metrics and numbers from multiple data sources are easy to understand, view, and share. This agile form of data delivery sets your HR Team apart from the rest.

Industry Trends in Payroll Management Software

Industry Trends in payroll Management Software

HR is the integral function of any organization and technology invasion in the space of HR is not new, however, this advancement in technology is witnessing one of the most disruptive period's HR industry has ever gone through. Since last one decade or so, a lot of research and investment has been done on streamlining the different functions of HR, which has led to the evolution of integrated human resource management system (HRMS) platforms. A paradigm shift has also taken place in terms of usage of technology like moving from local storage to cloud, web to mobile; data-driven analytics to artificial intelligence; usage of video interfaces to social recruitment, etc.

With these developments industry trends are reshaping and getting reorganized. With the widespread adoption of the SaaS business model, Payroll Management Software industry has been experiencing robust growth. The biggest industry trend is moving towards cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) product. This transition is certainly bringing in a new dimension and spectrum to the Payroll Management Software. Payroll Management software is a powerful tool for smaller businesses that helps in centralizing and automating the payroll process which in turn saves money and time.

Cloud Adoption – The Key Differentiator:

Companies are rapidly adopting cloud-based apps. From SMEs to large MNCs, companies are embracing this technology change mainly because it is cost-efficient, flexible and convenient. From tracking employee attendance and leaves to managing payrolls, the entire episode is maintained by cloud applications. Cloud technology has enabled HR to access data from Smart-phones, get real-time data, get updates and monitor other day-to-day activities.

Integrating Business Functions:

HR functions include talent management, recruitment, payroll and several other functions. Integrating these HR functions with Payroll Management Software will certainly boost productivity and will lead to efficient business practices. Through these centralized systems, data can be easily generated and accessed by top management or other key stakeholders. For optimal results and error-free operation, integrated processes are being adopted by Payroll Management Software that would help in business expansion and efficient management of the workforce.

Compliance and Data Security:

Modern-day payroll management software needs to be robust and secured as it involves a lot of file sharing and data transfer. There is a need to protect and bring into place data security compliances. Today, the new age Payroll Management Software is able to handle critical and sensitive data such as business and employee details. Hence, Payroll Management Software is custom made so that business owners would feel most comfortable when the access is restricted and confidential.

Cloud-based Payroll Management Software
is one such tool that can ensure all of these obligations are met with fine precision and within timelines.


In this continuously evolving space Payroll Management Software needs to be customized and innovative so that it can fit into any business requirement. It should ensure security and simultaneously be user-friendly. Inspired by artificial intelligence employees these days love automated systems and auto-generated data; hence, the software should carry these additional features. With this tool coming handy, HR fraternity will certainly keep pace with the dynamics of this ever-changing landscape.